Sunday, December 19, 2010

Who inspires you?

I was elated when Katie Moss with Peekaboo Photography asked me to do the hair accessories for her Christmas card photos. She is always so full of captivating ideas. I think one of the many reasons Katie is such a highly regarded photographer is that she is a designer. She plans her shoots out well in advance and is very detail oriented. I was enamoured with her plan, the props, the color palette, the dresses, all of it. I tucked away in my craft room for a few days to work on these accessories with a collection of golden hued high quality supplies and my mind purely inspired by her vision.

I was so thrilled to see the photos in my inbox, with the hat, halo (Katie's idea entirely), and headband all modeled on Olivia, Mya, and Lyla a few weeks ago.

Katie's Christmas cards have been shipped and received so now I can share the photos here!

It has truly been a joy to work with Katie this year. She just simply inspires me! Thank you Katie for all of the photos you have generously sent my way of my designs! You are truly a blessing! Have you seen on her blog that she is doing a photography workshop with her best friend and the fabulous children's photographer Skye Johansen? I REALLY want to go!

A pattern is coming soon for the Vintage Heiress Olivia Hat. You can also purchase it here. My mom is in town and saw the hat last night and said she used to wear similar hats when she was a teenager. Oh how I wish I had a photo of her in one of those! I have also had a lot of requests on facebook to make the halo a pattern so that they could be made for weddings and other occassions. What do you think? I am also happy to take a custom order on any of the three.


Melissa said...

Oh what gorgeous photos! She does AMAZING work! She's allowed me to use some of her photos in my Etsy shop as well ( so I am pretty sure your some of your items are featured there too. She just has an amazing creative eye! I have to send you kudos too. your headbands are the most adorable things! Makes me want to learn to be a photog and take picts of my 2 DDs like she does

Jayna Rae said...

I am absolutely in love with these photos. It just goes to show that planning out a shoot is what makes the photographer!!!

Snazziedrawers said...

Thanks Melissa! I love your shop! Great designs!
Jayna, I couldn't agree more!

pldesigns said...

Absolutely gorgeous!
i'd definitely be interested in both patterns.

Niina said...

Joy, these new hair accessories are absolutely FAB, just gorgeous! I look forward to seeing the new pattern in your shop!

Snazziedrawers said...

Thank you ladies!
Niina!! How are you doing? Is this Niina in Spain? Hope you are enjoying your holidays!

Niina said...

Hi Joy, this is indeed Niina in Spain although right now I´m Niina in Finland as I´m visiting my family in cold but very Xmasy looking scenery, everything is covered with snow. Happy Holidays!

Naturally Carol said...

I just love the shades of gold you used in the photos, perfectly suited to each complexion and really brought out the best features of each young lady...wonderful photos!