Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tinsel Trading 37th Street in NYC

Tinsel Trading Company

This is honestly the secret treasure emporium I have kept in my back pocket for a few months. The night I found their website, I was tucked away in a corner of Barnes and Nobles late at night reading French General: Treasured Notions, a book about Tinsel Trading Company. I had happened upon this gorgeous "flea marketesque" (think Paris not east Texas) book full of photos of European notions that I had never in my life known existed. I was at first in a dream studying each vintage, metallic ribbon and vintage spooled Passementerie (trim). Oh to have been amongst the lucky girls who got to go in the basement of TTC to discover these boxed up, sealed antique riches. I really felt like someone had their foot on my chest because I could hardly breath gazing at these images. Then I decided to flip back to the beginning of the book and actually read it word for word. I was in quiet awe of the passion this collector had for his treasures.

You can read more about his story here and about how his business has now been passed on to his granddaughter. His treasures are now sought out by famous fashion designers such as Ralph Lauren, John Galliano of Dior, Anna Sui.

I hope you enjoy their inspirational collections as much as I have the past few months. I am hoping to venture to 37th street in NYC someday! Want to join me?

Metallic ribbons and passementeries

Metallic fabrics

Metallic Threads

Oh how I love these. What would you make with them?

Photo credits:

Martha Stewart

Such Pretty Things


Cupcake Studio

and here.


Stephanie said...

oooooh! that is soooo FAB. I soooo LOVE VINTAGE everything!Kuddos JOY!

renee said...

Most beautiful! Can you even imagine what you can make with these?? Where to begin?

sweeter than cupcakes said...

You really must go in NYC. It is a thing of beauty.

snazziedrawers said...
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VERONICA said...

Thank goodness I don't live close to that shop - I'd be broke!

Snazziedrawers said...

Yes I really need to go! Veronica, I am with you! I would be in the same boat!

melifaif said...

I wanna go!!! I know this might be your heaven!!! ;-) Merry Christmas!!!

angela bergsma said...

this is literally my dream store...I dream in texture!
I was gifted with a beautiful bolt of vintage ribbon by a dear photography client of mine and I have been obsessed with this store ever since. I dream of going there in person, not just over the web!
Thanks for this post!

Snazziedrawers said...

Yes this is my heaven!
This is definitely my dream store as well! TEXTURE is my LIFE!
I am so jealous of that bolt of ribbon you were gifted!!
Thanks for stopping by!

TutusChic! said...

Love it and it makes me drool!!

I use metallic threads like those for a rolled hem on some of my chiffon/georgette ballet skirts! I used to make those for little girls and the metallic thread added such a pretty edge with just a touch of sparkle for ballet class!

Sew Much Ado said...

Oh my gosh, I'll book my ticket! Hehe, that store really does look amazing. So magical!

kate moss said...

I'm am so meeting you there. When?!?

Robin said...

Hi! So glad you used my photo from Tinsel Trading. Could you fix my link to read You have it as Kids Art Network which is incorrect. Thanks for giving credit. best, Robin