Friday, December 10, 2010

Nurture Creativity

I seriously think my facebook fans have kept me sane this week. I don't know what I would have done without them! As cheesy as it sounds thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to answer my ? and A's that have helped me have some human connection other than the lady behind the counter at Hobby Lobby or Hancocks this week. It also helps to have the sweetest neighbor right next door, Maryanne, who has girls my age and who loves to humor me by being a sounding board.

I have been working on custom orders this week, with my ipod blasting. I am getting orders out as fast as I possibly can. Please look for some exciting new photos coming soon from Peekaboo Photograph. I seriously am bursting with excitement to reveal them to you!

I have a few patterns/tutorials I am working on the brainstorm / sketching process on. It seems I work best on new projects when I am not working on them.

Tim has been picking up the slack at home and seriously has the kids 24/7 almost right now with exception to their mommy time for a little bit each day. I have to buckle down though. It is good for them to have some daddy time. Hoping to have all custom orders shipped by the 18th.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share this image of a gorgeous painting by the amazing Janet Hill Studio. You can find her incredibly feminine art here. I adore how she captures womanhood, unlike any other artist I have ever seen. Her pieces inspire me to push a little harder within. She sells her prints and also if you are fortunate enough you can purchase the originals on her website.

I just love art in all forms. My mom is a painter. My father was a creative collector of historical artifacts. My sister loves to decorate and is an avid collector of so many beautiful things that it would make your head spin. I have a brother, John, that is an incredible pencil artist so much so that his work stops my heart. My brother Aaron loves creative business development and has just the eye small businesses need for success. My husband can smell a cologne and tell you 20 different natural essential oils that were used to make it (crazy eh?) and also creates the greatest spreadsheets for me of all time that I could never have dreamed up. I guess I see life in a new light that whatever your medium whether it be a business plan or watercolors, we are all artists in someway and all connected creatively in someway. Have you ever stared at your children in awe? I sometimes think how God? Hod did you do it? I know the scientific aspect of it but as an artist I recognize art and well my friend the greatest artist of all created my Ava's squishy rosy soft cheeks and my Addy's precious little ruby poised lips. That said to me the greatest works of all time were created out of love. I guess where am I going with this? You girl. Don't give up on yourself when you get down about your business, your creative endeavors. When failure sets in, pick yourself up again and again and never give up because you were created out of love and you are SO loved. Don't let your children say, "can't" and don't get caught up saying it yourself either. That is the four letter word in our house. I can't even stand it. I won't let Ava say it for a second. Why? Because I said it to myself for 30 years. I get a ton of emails from people telling me they are not creative. I honestly get a strong urge to jump on a plane and go meet up at a coffee shop with that girl immediately to talk some sense into her head. What? You aren't creative? I have NO creativity when it comes to styling my kids hair, decorating my house (you would so not be impressed), organizing, the list could go on forever. I really don't focus on those things though. I try to stay focused on the narrow scape of things that I can do. I spent so long doing the opposite that trust me this is the better way and you will find a happy soul and a newfound love for yourself in your quest for finding your creativity.

As a mom of girls, I really want them to pursue their curiousities so that they find their inner creative force that drives them to their passion and that they find what they love to do. Ava already loves to paint. It is insane how much paint is on my office walls right now. I love this book about raising creative children, The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections. This girl directed me to a new path of parenting that has helped me so much in letting go of the control and allowing my children to make huge messes. I don't know about you but my favorite things I ever made caused some huge messes. Today I stumbled upon an article online (click here) that brought me to tears about guiding our children to marvel at life and the world around them.

I appreciate your support of my creative projects more than you could ever imagine. I am home with my children every minute of the day because of you... and well that is where my passion comes...making patterns for women to be able to make and sell so that you can also be there with your little ones.



Love to each of you my sweet friends.

PS Tim hasn't edited this yet so go easy on my grammar.


Niina said...

Joy, your post is absolutely lovely and the online article is SO right. Usually the little kids messy rooms and dirty clothes = lots of playing and fun.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for this beautiful post! I was like that growing up always saying I could never do anything creative. You are so right that everyone has it in them even if it is creativity in the business world. Our job as parents is to nuture the natural god given talents of our children and we have to let them find what that is and guide them. Thankyou for your words I needed that today!! =)

Cristina Alt said...

OH Joy, I feel like you wrote this for me! Having a tough time right now with work.. and I just took a deep long breath and realize why I'm doing this in the first place. Keep up the fantastic work that you do.

I've also been meaning to say that I love the new blog layout.



melifaif said...

Hahaha,Joy....I am so with you on the "It seems I work best on new projects when I am not working on them." That is the best. I do the same...

And I adore Janet Hill *almost* as I enjoy Snazzie Drawers and Matilda Jane, lol. Her work is just so soft and beautiful.

Have a lovely week....keep on jamming that ipod lady!!!!

Anonymous said...

long time fan of Janet Hill!
We seem to like the same things...hmmmmm (!!!)
I love her feminine designs, and I wish I could fill a fancy livingroom with a gallery of her prints! I have yet to get one, just admiring and waiting for the perfect spot to open up in my house. Love her use of color too.
Thanks for this post admiring more talented ladies out there!

renee said...

This is great, new to you and loving every minute of it. I too am staying home right now and have definitely found inspiration in you. Thanks! We all do have something special about us and it is so much fun to share with our little girls and engage them in this wonderful world around us. :)

Snazziedrawers said...

I don't get teared up too much but you girls seriously MADE my day and added some tears to my cheeks. I really appreciate you reading what was on my mind this morning. I hate to put my posts up before Tim edits the grammar but I was anxious to share.
You are all so talented and gifted in all you do. I just love blogging that we can all connect in some small way or maybe it isn't small at all.
Love to you all girls...

Angela said...

Thanks for the inspiring post, I have been frustrated all day with my messy house and messy kids. It helped me look at it a different way. My kids have always been very creative which I love so I need to realize that is part of why I have such a hard time keeping up with my house. Thanks for the reminder.

I used your Ava felt flower pattern and made a darling flower. My daughter received a lot of compliments, even Santa said how pretty it was when we visited him today.

jess said...

This is a beautiful post. I love the art that you shared, thank you so much for introducing it to us! My Mom always tells me Monkey see Monkey do when it comes to my kids. Meaning that I live a creative life so will my children. You're obviously doing something right, look at the lovliness and creative things that you share with all of us.

Zoe said...

Aww how beautiful, thank you for sharing.. this brought a tear of truth and joy to my eyes...and indeed, great creativity comes from some of the "messes" we find ourselves in life as well, that is how my little business was born

Hi I'm Michelle said...

Thank you. I needed this.:)

KJ Elegant Kreations said...

Joy, thank you so much for your words of encouragement! I have such a low self esteem. And I do have a creativity. I draw. I have an eye for color. I'm a musician, etcetera. But in every area of my life I always make myself feel like I'm not as good as everyone around me. Your words really encouraged me tonight to quit being so hard on myself. As I have made beautiful things out of many of your patterns people have told me my work is gorgeous. They can't wait to see what I come up with next. Things like that. And I have a hard time accepting that their saying that about ME, my stuff. So thank you for helping me! I appreciate your talent so very much. I wish I could get on a plane and come hug YOU! =) Have a blessed Christmas season with your family and friends!

Snazziedrawers said...

I love what you said about the messy = creative. I am so going to remind myself that daily.
Jess, thank you so much. I am constantly saying monkey see monkey do to my kids all the time and that just made me look at it differently!
You are so dead on about the "messes" in our life can sprout creativity.
Yes I have to say that comparing ourselves to others is the biggest self esteem hole we can fall into. There is always someone better, richer, prettier, thinner, happier, funnier.....

The Liechtys said...

Aw Joy, I just read this post! Love it! I love being your neighbor and sounding board! You are always inspiring me! And I know that you are inspiring your kids too....I can totally see your creativity in Ava. Your girls are so blessed to have such an awesome mommy!