Thursday, December 9, 2010

FREE Baby Leg Warmers Tutorial

Joy here. I would LOVE to introduce you to Abby with Sew Much Ado. I seriously LOVE her blog. She takes Anthropologie (which just so happens to be my very favorite store for me) clothing and makes the inspired version all herself which afterwards she models so beautifully on her cute little self. She also has the cutest pattern I have ever seen for a little girl's doll (go here). It will melt your heart! I just adore her creativity and asked her to guest blog for me sometime and so here she is!

Hello SnazzieDrawers fans! This is Abby with Sew Much Ado, guest blogging this week with a fabulous FREE tutorial for baby and toddler leg warmers that I dreamed up myself!
You will LOVE how easy and fast it is! Oh the possibilities! These are awesome to keep those chubby little legs warm during the cold months and for toddlers on the playground under skirts and dresses!

Have a pair of knee socks you'd like to refashion? In 10 minutes your little lady can be stylin' some new leg warmers! Find the tutorial to make the ruffle skirt from a t-shirt here.


This tutorial will guide you through making toddler (or baby) leg warmers in -- get this -- 10 minutes! You can't get any easier than this project, and you'll love the finished product.


pair of women's knee socks (Target and the dollar store are great places to find inexpensive knee socks if you don't have any to refashion)



1. Cut each sock off at ankle, forming a long tube of fabric. Leg warmers can be made shorter by cutting sock off at a higher point above the ankle.

2. Cut heel and toe areas off of each sock. This will form the upper band of the leg warmers.

3. For each sock, fold short tube of fabric in half, matching raw edges.


4. For each sock, place long tube of fabric inside of short tube, matching raw edges and right sides together.

5. Pin and sew 1/2" from raw edges, joining the two pieces. Trim seam allowance to 1/4".

Unfold and Admire
5. Fold the cuff upwards and you are done! Great job! Head over here to make a matching (and by "matching," I mean "un-matching", cause it's cuter that way) ruffle skirt.

Wear them long or cinch them up, she will love to wear them either way with her ruffle skirt!


Katie said...

OMG I never realized how easy these were! Can't wait to make my daughter some! Thanks!

John and Gail said...

That is so, so awesome. Thanks for sharing !

Danielle Pecoraro - Photo and Design said...

I am so going out to find some socks to make these. LOVE!

the Forrest Diaries said...

Holy cow that's simple!

Jacy said...

This is quickly becoming my new favorite website! Thank you so much for your beautiful inspiration.

Snazziedrawers said...

I can't believe how easy they are either! Makes me want to make some for some chubby baby legs!