Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Stella Headband Pattern!

Thanks everyone for all of your great suggestions for names of the new dress pattern. I haven't decided yet but do have a few favorites! I am going to try the pattern with cotton too to see how that turns out (possibly a solid). Someone suggested that and I had been tossing that idea around as well.

Addison has been incredibly fussy this week so it has been a very blurry, slow motion week. Ever have those? I wish I knew what was wrong. No teething. No fruit has been given to her (she has a fruit intolerance and can't eat any fruit at all but occassionally Addy will consume a dropped grape from Ava's Chic-fil-a fruit cup). I think she is just being a 2 year old! Her 2nd birthday is Monday! We are taking our little animal lover to the zoo.

I am excited to release the Stella Headband Pattern (the headband in the second to last photo). Wanted to share the new photos from Peekaboo of the Stella Headband and the Kennedy Rose. In the last photo the precious baby girl in the center is wearing a Kennedy Rose single flower on a headband.

More photos will be coming soon of the Stella on an adult from Meg. I actually just happened to be on her blog tonight and she used a Stella Headband in a recent shoot. SO cute!

You can download the patterns here.