Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bloom Pillow Contest! CLOSED

I have had this idea for a few weeks and have debated over whether or not to do a contest, but the idea won't go away, so I am just going for it!

Whether you are decorating an apartment, a dorm room, a room in your parents' basement, an enormous mansion, a tiny house, a duplex, a small European country cottage (my dream house), or whatever you call home, you can enter!


Make a pillow or buy a pillow and embellish it with flowers you have made from one of my flower patterns and email me the best photo you have of it (try to take natural lighting photos so all of the detail is visible). You may use as few or as many flowers as you would like and any fabrics or a mix of fabrics!

"What will you win", you ask?

I am giving away a $50 gift card to my shop and I will include a $50 gift card to High Fashion Fabrics (yes, you can use it on their website in case you aren't able to drive to Houston)!

Who will be the judge?

I am trying to recruit judges this weekend so someone other than myself will judge. If I can't find anyone, then I will have to be the judge!

When is the deadline for submission?

Contest ends Halloween night at midnight. Bloom where you are planted!

Here are some pillows I have had my eye on for quite some time to inspire your creative minds!

Love this pillow created by this gal on etsy here.

Fabulous pillow from Peter Jones, an awesome British department store found here. They no longer sell these on their website though.

I adore this bean bag pillow by Pepperlu that can be used as a photography prop.

Once again, another beautiful felt flower pillow sold in London at Peter Jones.

Due to a lack of enough entries in the pillow contest, we are cancelling the contest.

So sorry! Entrants were given a gift card to SnazzieDrawers for entering.


taylor+sophie said...

I can't even tell you how much I love this contest idea!

TutusChic! said...

Those are absolutely stunning and inspiring! Good luck everyone :)

hipchic~cynde said...

What a great idea!!!! And the photos posted are amazing!!!!!

Kimberly Blakey said...

I will be using the Audrey pattern.

The Country Seam said...

Hi, I will be using the audrey pattern.

Alicia Manning said...

I wanted to enter the contest but since it was so close to Halloween and I had four costumes to sew I couldn't take on one more thing to whip together, maybe you can do this at a latter time. It did get my my little head thinking