Friday, September 24, 2010

Birthday Girl Bash Winner Announced!!

I have to say that I haven't ever enjoyed a giveaway as much as this one because you were all so generous in sharing your best childhood birthday memories. I was so touched by how much your parent's loved you or even how much you have now tried to make up for the lack of memories you have through your efforts with your own children that I have a new motivation like never before to go all out for my girl's birthdays this year. I am really wanting to make their birthday memorable not in what they are gifted but who is there to share it and the thoughtful planning involved in their big day. I loved that most everyone's memories didn't involved much in the material possession that were gifted but were in the time spent with those special to them or those that have now left this life. How wonderful you all are! Thank you for opening up and sharing!

Birthday Girl Bash Winner! Lucky Commenter #102 thanks to Sorry I have no idea how to include the actual number generator into the blogpost.I tried and failed. I will get it right on the next giveaway. Heather's comment, "tomkat fan on fb :)" was the winner. You HAVE to read her memory though and be sure to read everyone's because they are all so special!

Here is the best birthday memory Heather has of her childhood,
"when i was a child we moved to florida from indiana. i hated being away from "home" and i missed my family terribly. on my 7th bday, i came home after school, and was told there was something i needed to do in my bedroom. i opened the door and in the dark, walking towards me were two people with their hands out! to me it looked like two strangers trying to grab me! i turned around and ran, screaming! i was completely terrified! it turns out my grandma and my favorite aunt had come for a visit! after the initial horror wore off, it was replaced with pure excitment! my grandma has since passed away, and it is still one of my fondest memories! (oops..i also added this to the wrong comment area a min ago!)"

I am including a photo of my new project, the Kennedy Rose Pattern coming soon!


Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

What a sweet story! Congrats (other) ;) Heather!

Heather said...

thank you! i'm so excited that i won!

Valerie's Pieces said...

Please tell me your going to offer this pattern. I just love it. ;o)