Friday, October 1, 2010

Longing for more twirls..

Ava and Addy,

I promise to sew more dresses for you. I promise to dance with you more. I promise to not chase after you with headbands anytime soon. I promise that starting today you will have more ponytails, more homemade cookies, and less Happy Meals (trust me it is better for you the long run). I promise to take you down to the river wading again. I promise to teach you to swim better. I love you...xxoo mom


Cameron said...

Enjoy yourselves! Our daughters do grow sooo fast :) Thank you for the reminder to slow down and savor these times :)

Snazziedrawers said...

Thanks Cameron! Yes they do grow too fast. I try to be strong and not get too sad but somedays hit me harder than others...that they won't be underfoot forever. Hoping we are always close though.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found your websites and Etsy things this week, and it was one of the main sites that inspired me to make some headbands. I too have been trying my work on my first 3 month-old grandbaby/daughter, and I swear she starts crying when she sees me coming! I live with them and take care of her during the day, so she "gets it" often! I had to cut back the work the past few days with a foot injury, but have been online for hours tonight and this week, getting ideas for flowers to make, etc. So many sites and ideas, so little time (money, energy, etc!)
I laughed when I read you promising you would not chase the girls with headbands, that was so funny and I relate completely.
Your work is soooo beautiful, and to have a photographer showcase them as well as Peekaboo/Kate is such a blessing!! I wish your family the best as you and your husband begin a new journey with his career change. I myself have 5 children, it does go fast. And a home business of a creative nature is what I've wanted for years! Don't all crafters?! But some do make it--and I hope it works for those who find a way. Your work has been most inspiring. Gloria

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

Oh my gosh, Joy I could have SO written this post myself. I have vowed to slow down (especially during the holiday rush!) and just take time to enjoy my girls more, and be a better mom. Love this post.

Snazziedrawers said...

When my girls see me coming with a headband they start running!
Thanks for your kind words and I wish you the very best with your grandbaby!
Thanks Heather for stopping by my blog. Your girls are lucky to have you. I am sure they have the cutest necklaces ever!

melifaif said...

That is just the sweetest.