Tuesday, March 22, 2011

IMPORTANT Lucia Bella Pantaloons Pattern Update

I am now offering the Lucia Bella Pantaloons Pattern in additional sizes 7 and 8 at no additional charge! I have also added additional information and specific directions for making the pants without the lace as shown below due to several requests for it. The newly updated pattern is available for instant download here.

For customers that have already purchased this pattern here on my blog, or through Etsy: If you wish to receive the pattern with these changes, please email me at Snazziedrawers@gmail.com with the following (required):

1. You MUST email me from the email address you used when purchasing the pattern. This can be the email address you have on file with Etsy OR the email address associated with the Paypal account used to purchase the pattern.

2. If you can provide the transaction receipt from your purchase, this will help me verify that you have purchased the pattern and I will be able to process your request much faster.

I will do my best to process all of the requests and reply to your inquiries within 24 hours. I hope you enjoy the updates and thank you for continued support of our business!



Niina said...

So sweet of you to offer the updated pattern free for those who have already purchased the pattern. Thank you so much!

Theresa C. Eldridge said...

I want these so bad :o( Can you have a contest and choose me?? lol But I do love them!! Gorgeous work!