Friday, February 11, 2011


Addy, Tim, and I have been sick since last Friday. Whew I am so ready to feel well. I have not been productive with work as I like to be but have had an abundance of snuggles from my girls. Ava and I managed to have a mommy/daughter day last week that was really wonderful. She could hardly sleep the night before our shopping and Build-A-Bear excursion. If you can believe it, it was our first time to go to build us a bear. I really have struggled with spending so much on a teddy bear but she enjoyed it so much, we will definitely have to go back some time on a special occasion.

I don't think I have ever been so happy to see the sun in my eyes today. This Texas weather has been crazy and I have realized I could never live in a cold climate because I would be terribly down without some sun rays shining through my windows. Ava enjoyed building a snow cake though with her friend and I learned that I can build a killer fire in our fireplace. I guess it must be from growing up on a farm in the middle of nowhere, building bonfires on the weekends with friends for entertainment.

Hoping there is warmer weather where you may be too! I am planning a trip to Portland within the next few weeks!!! Any Oregon gals have any fabric store recommendations for me?

Addy Kate shoeless... she kicks her shoes off relentlessly even in when it is 20 degrees outside

Ava and our good family friend's little boy, Mr. "C"

Ava and her friend Miss "H" building a snow cake!


Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

You and your girls are just gorgeous! xo!

Saraceno said...

Fabric Depot in Portland is an amazing store! I can't wait to make another Portland trip and go back there.

Melissa Mickelson said...

I live outside of Portland and fabric depot is huge and has a great selection!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you have been sick, that's no fun. So enjoy seeing you and your family, putting "real" people to all you read. My son is in Texas only recently in the Air Force, and has had your bad weather too! We are in Seattle, one of those places with clouds and gray, a lot! Sun comes out and it's major news around here. Thanks for all your beautiful products and fun on the blog.........GJ

greenbamboo said...

where did you get the lace fabric big enough to make the leggings??? love it so much!!


Brad Fallon said...

Those pics are very adorable! Your babies are so cute!

Sarah R. said...

I live in Portland and LOVE Holly Hill Quilt Shoppe and Mercantile in West Linn, OR. It is a smaller shop but has some great fabrics and wonderful people who work there. I second that fabric depot is ridiculous (in a good way) ;-). It is huge and has lots of good deals. If you need any other recommendations let me know!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sorry to comment here, but I can find any other contact details for you. I'm trying to order one of your headbands to be shipped to the UK, but upon entering my Post Code to calculate shipping I just get an error message. Could you please contact me at sarahwatson3 at btinternet dot com.

ElvisGalx3 said...

I hope you feel better quick!! Love all your stuff and your children are beautiful!! as so are you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sorry to comment here, but I can find any other contact details for you
i paid pattern package!!
but i can;t downroad.!
can yiu email to me??

Snazziedrawers said...

Thank you everyone for the sweetness!
I will definitely have to check out all of those shops in Portland! I love discovering new fabric selections. Austin suprisingly has a really narrow selection of unique fabrics. I appreciate the suggestions!
I will get emails to those of you who need me ;)
You can also aways contact me at