Tuesday, April 20, 2010



Help me name the Duchess Bib Necklace pattern.

Enter a comment on facebook or my blog, giving your name suggestions for my new pattern.

It needs to have "Duchess Bib Necklace" in the name and be embellished upon.

3 names can be entered per person.

If your name is CHOSEN, WIN THE BIB NECKLACE PATTERN for free (coming out in www.snazziedrawers.etsy.com on Monday).

See www.distinctdesign.blogspot.com
Contest extended until Sunday night at midnight!!


Laurie said...

Hi! I came up with a couple of name suggestions for your gorgeous new bib necklace. They are:

1) Royal Decadence Duchess Bib Necklace
2) Darling Duchess Heirloom Bib Necklace
3) Starstruck Royal Duchess Bib Necklace

I hope they might help :) Please include me in your contest. Thanks so much! I can't wait to see what you come up with :)


rebekka said...

Literally, I was going to say "Darling Duchess" too! So I guess my entry won't count :) I love your blog though, and your designs really are fabulous. I am in the process of adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia and I am definitely going to buy some headbands for her...they are adorable!!!

How about "Darcy, Duchess of Derby bib necklace" :)

Erin said...

Darling Grand Duchess Bib Necklace

Her Royal Fatness said...

Joy the bib necklace looks like it will be amazing!

sistersue said...

How about Duchess of Bling Bib Necklace?

Basht said...

~Illusion's Duchess Bib Necklace
~fairytale Duchess Bib Necklace
~The Empress Duchess Bib Necklace pattern

susiemey.com said...

how about - Dhara Duchess Bib Necklace

Kristin B. said...

You have gone with names for the other items you have so I am going with what we will be naming our new arrival in July
Vaya Anne Duchess Bib Necklace
Vaya Duchess Bib Necklace
Love your stuff!

Stacey said...

Duchesse Olivia Bavette Bib Necklace. I thought continuing with the name and french description words was nice. Bavette is the feminine of bib. Joy, I can't wait to see the new pattern. You give hope to us beginner sewers who usually have to settle with plain and boring!

JgWM said...

Duchesse Divine Bib Necklace
My Divine Duchesse Bib Necklace
Duchesse Fleurs Bib Necklace

Just found your Etsy store and love your designs!