Tuesday, February 9, 2010

At the beginning of the New Year I decided I needed a change in my Etsy shop and the direction I was going. I have always had so many ideas for things to make and never enough time. I have made a lot of things and never put them in my Etsy shop either because of time. I have always enjoyed the design part of sewing the very best. My first pattern I made when I first started sewing, I followed perfectly and didn't make any revisions at all. My second pattern I made, which was this peasant dress when my daughter was a wee baby, was Simplicity's #5695 Peasant Dress (I have the pattern # memorized because I have made it over a dozen times) and I altered it countless times. I have always loved altering, changing existing patterns but then I just stopped buying patterns at all about a year ago and made my first pattern, the Ooh La La Ruffled skirt for my daughter and Etsy shop.

I was hooked! I loved making a pattern up from scratch and having an idea and executing it into a finished product. It so fulfilling and rewarding. So January 1st, I sat down and over the period of three weeks drafted the Ooh La La Ruffled Skirt into a pattern through a lot of hard work and perserverance. I had many 12pm to 8am shifts since I am a work at home mom of 2 kids. The crazy thing was that I would go get the kiddos out of bed after working all night and I was not even tired because I was so passionate and in love with what I was doing that I didn't need much sleep. I also have a fabulous editor, my husband!! He has been very supportive and I am so grateful to have him!

So this is how I got here in a nutshell. I absolutely love patterndrafting and designing! I have 6 pair of completely different ruffled pants for babies and toddlers I am working on next (including the Oh My Oh My pants which were my bestselling pant in my shop).

Thanks for checking in with me!



pinksarahh said...

Do you create and sell the finished product also???? Coming from someone who does not sew! I have had you in my favorites since I found you but I have yet to take my sewing machine out of it's box!! I got it for Christmas 2006!

Snazziedrawers said...

Well I used to but I do not anymore. Sorry! It is just too crazy to keep up with custom orders with my daughers. My patterns are beginner friendly though and I would happily help you with as many questions as you might have!! You have a machine calling your name!
What a precious little family you have!