Monday, December 28, 2009

a teaspoon of "joy" How did Snazziedrawers ever get started?

I just wanted to back up and answer the question I get asked a lot, how did I get started?
This blogpost is dedicated to all of the stay at home mothers out there looking for a little extra “joy” in their life through the art of their craftiness! With the birth of my daughter Ava 4 years ago I came across fabulous children’s clothing designers online who were stay at home moms just like myself. I really desired to sew and design just like them. There was only ONE problem though! I had sewed very little in my life and the machine I was in pocession of at the time only sewed a zigzag which could make following even a simple pattern extremely discouraging. I talked my husband who was very skeptical to say the least in purchasing me a new machine at a local sewing machine store in College Station, Texas. My husband told me, “Joy, now just know you will not be able to make a dress for at least a year.” It is a darn good thing I am a very bullheaded gal when it comes to someone telling me I can’t do something because it wasn’t 24 hours later until I finished Ms. Ava Elizabeth’s first handmade dress by Mommie. I experienced pure “joy” when she put on that very simple a-line dress that I knew at that point I had found what it is in life I was meant to do on this little earth! I was meant to sew, sew, sew! Even though I had a very crafty background in the scrapbook world, my sewing machine made me feel worth something greater because I really could create something beautiful and watch my daughter’s eyes light up with each “fitting” of her potential new dress anticipating the moment when it would be ready to twirl to her heart’s content! So here goes a blog devoted to all of the Moms out there who really want nothing more than maybe just a teaspoon more of joy each day. “Joy” can be easily lost in all of the monotonous chores of motherhood. It seems each days brings the same dishes in the same sink, with the same dirty diaper smell in the garage making its way into the laundry room, and the same backtub overdue for a backbreaking scrub. It is easy to think that you are a housekeeper, a maid as a mother. OH NO! We are definitely NOT that! Our children will NEVER remember whether or not the dishes sat in the sink a day more than they should have but they will definitely remember how mommy played barbies with them, read to them, snuggled them, took them to the movies for mommy daughter date, and sewed those dresses that made her heart leap or sharing whatever your special gifts might be that your children know as "mommys love".


Steven & Adrienne said...

What a great mom you are. Thanks for sharing this...and it should be added that you have always brought joy into everyones life your entire life because you were always serving others, just like you continue to do now. And thanks for the reminder of motherhood, I needed to hear are awesome!!!

臉蛋 said...
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