Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ma Chérie Dress Behind the Scenes

I did the final edit on the Ma Chérie Dress Pattern yesterday afternoon and finally released it last night. I gave this pattern my heart and soul. I know it is simple and that it probably doesn't seem as such, but I LOVE.... no, crave simplicity! I have been working on the bodice for this dress for the past two years. I wanted a bodice that didn't gape at the sides on my girls. I wanted it to curve down just right, exactly at the child's arm in a natural way where the fabric layed nicely on their torso. I wanted a bodice that had a round top and a soft neckline and I wanted a bodice that could have a 100 variations with a little creativity. I wanted the straps to tie at the neck, so that if you wanted to make it as a gift for a child, you could make it without trying it on them and still be ensured a nice fit. After several bodice edits, I was finally pleased with the fit.

I took photos of myself making one of the dresses a few weeks ago and went to go edit the photos for the pattern, but didn't feel it was expansive enough (re: visual explanation) and that I needed many more photos. So, I went back to the drawing board, took my photos all over again (over 500), and painstakingly edited them to find the very, very best ones that were the clearest and would show up best in black and white when printed. Then, I sat down at the computer for two 18-22 hour workdays and wrote out the pattern from my legal pad filled with notes and measurements. Tim and I sat down at the Mac and went through the pattern word for word. Tim doesn't sew, craft, or create, but he is exceptional to work with on the editing process, because he has the meticulous eye from his accounting background and points out every single tiny word that may or may not make sense and will ask "how can we say this in a more clear way?" or "what the heck is that?" :) I absolutely adore working with him because he makes my patterns so clear. When I sit down to read them that one very last time, I am so pleased with the way he edits the content to sound so very clear and descriptive.

I hope everyone finds it that way and has the same experience when they are using this new dress pattern, or any of my patterns. I remember what starting out sewing feels like. I know your time is precious. Our lives are but just a vapor. I hope within that vapor you enjoy creating something beautiful for a glorious child in your life. My happiest times are watching AddyKate and Ava twirl, spin, smile, or play in a new dress that I made for them. Addy isn't old enough but, Ava truly notices and touches all of the handmade details, understands that her dress is one of a kind, and made to fit just her.

I adore this one (shown below) I made for AddyKate without ruffles. When I was in Round Top, I found a box of $1 pieces of lace and this vintage doily was in there. I was looking for a way to "dress up" the little gold dupioni silk dress I made for her last week and thought this would complete it. I simply hand stitched it onto the bodice with coordinating thread. Now I want to go rummaging and vintage shopping this weekend to find some more to dye pink, green, coffee brown, and every color in the sun! Vintage inspires me in such a way that my mind explodes and ideas come so much more naturally. If I try to design what I think other people want, my ideas stop and I get stuck! I hope you feel inspired to sew or create. I hope you feel less frustrated when sewing. I hope that your love for sewing grows and grows from using my patterns.

I am so grateful to have a place where I am supported in what I do and don't feel pressured to go get a "real job" sitting miserably behind a desk in an office. I give heartfelt thanks to all of you. I am truly the luckiest girl in all the world today and feel like one of the happiest!









Cherished Bliss said...

You are such an inspiration to me. Just looking at all your creations and patterns I start seeing things float around in my head. One day when my kids are a little older and I can sit down for more than an hour at a time I will get to make those ideas : ) Thank you so much for all that you do!

melifaif said...

You are just so eloquent!!! I just adore you. I adore your designs...all of them! You amaze me. And I am happy to hear you so happy! That is awesome...

Snazziedrawers said...

Thanks for reading. I LOVE comments so much.
Cherished Bliss, I know what you mean. It seems there isn't ever enough time!
I adore you too Mel! You are such a loyal follower! Thank you for that.
Hope you both have a fab day!

TutusChic! said...

Hi Joy
I know what you mean about ideas exploding in your head-- the bane of creative inspiration! Love your new patterns. You are truly amazing and so GOOD at this.
I made a tutu in these same colors and I think this little dress is so elegant and beautiful in these soft golden taupes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy.
I can't wait to have some time to sit down and download this pattern. Can't wait for my girls to weat it. My little one is going to be 1 this summer. I can make that for her to wear to my brother's wedding in july!!! Maybe in plum/purple silk dupioni!! You inspire me and push me to sew more elaborate stuff. Thanks again! - Tiffany Nguyen