Thursday, March 31, 2011

Austin, Texas Matilda Jane Online Trunk Show

Online Matilda Jane Trunk Show
open to anyone regardless of where you live in the world!
Because I absolutely adore and obsess over Matilda Jane clothes and their incredible company and owner with the heart of pure gold, Denise, I am hosting an Online Trunk Show.
I always enjoy reading her blog because she is so refreshingly REAL and passionate about making children look ever more adorable than they already are.

If you would like to place an order, simply go to their website and start shopping.
While you are finding things you love, just "add them to your wishlist". Then when you are finished on the left hand side of the screen you will see an option to email your wishlist. Email me your wishlist at and I will send it to my trunk keeper ASAP. Please ask me if you have any questions at all! I would absolutely love to help you! I am thrilled to do this and order a few things for my girls for spring and summer. We just went through all of their clothes yesterday and realized they have outgrown so much! It felt great to purge and donate but it will feel better to get super cute clothes from a UPS man :).

Off to decide what I want! Also, House of Clouds has some new pieces coming out Friday early in the morning. If you want to place an order for ANYTHING from the HOC new line, you HAVE to SEND me your wishlist before 10:45 in the a.m. so I can send it to my trunk keeper so you have a better chance at getting what you want.

Lotsa love and let the shopping begin! I'm excited!


This photo by Tori Piercy Photography was the winner of the Matilda Jane photo contest 2011!




The photos below the pony photo were by a local Texas gal in Tyler, Color and Dust Photography. She was in the top 3 finalists of the Matilda Jane Photo Contest. You have to check out her recent work here . Seriously I am blown away!


melifaif said...

Oh, you have got me WAY TOO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Off to go shopping now. And those photos are priceless. So sweet...

Snazziedrawers said...

Thanks girl! I am excited! I can't decide what to order though! So hard! I am definitely going to look in the morning to see what is coming out in the a.m. :)