Monday, September 13, 2010

How to Make a Felt Flower Tutorial New Photos

I know I have a lot of photos of the Ava Felt Flower Tutorial but there is a big reason for that. I am such a visual person and really love to see something on before I can actually picture myself or my child wearing it. I have a hard time if something is on a baby picturing it on my 4 year old or on my my niece so I wanted to have photos of all different ages of models wearing the Ava Felt Flower.
I am so thrilled with all of the photos I have gotten back from photographers and really enjoyed working some new gals. This was my first time to work with Jennie Helmuth in Grayson, Georgia with Helmuth Photography and I am more than pleased. She is very talented! Be sure to check out her blog. She just shot my favorite boutique line, Lemon Loves Lime. I love all of their fall clothes and accessories!
Thanks Jennie!

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