Saturday, May 8, 2010

Need Photography for your website or Etsy shop?

My daughter, Ava

Hello my friends. My sista-in-love-and-law :) is a new and upcoming photographer! Watch out world here she comes. She pays very close attention to detail, has incredible equipment, is very dependable, and would love to TRADE! She would absolutely be thrilled to help you with your Etsy biz, website photos, or if you are in the Dallas area photograph your kiddos :). These photos she took of my daughter (which you see whenever you log into my Etsy on my banner and throughout my listings on Etsy) are some of my top fave photos of my oldest daughter, Ava, 4.

She has a beautiful 4 year old girl model and a 2 year old adorable boy model.
She also has a lot of friends with babies :), preggo friends, and kids of all ages and sizes she could recruit for a photo shoot.
Photography is one of the best investments you make in your business!
Here is all of her contact info
Amy Forrest
Give her a shout out and tell her I sent you!!


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This blog is an answer to my prayers. Thank You!

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Sent her and email! :0)