Monday, March 29, 2010

Cutting Fabric on the Bias: FREE FAST Tutorial

WHY do you cut fabric on the bias?
  • The fabric frays much less, if at all for a cleaner look.
  • If you are making a flower, it will make it appear more full and drape better

HOW do you cut fabric on the bias?

Photo 1: Line up your quilting ruler at a 45 degree angle to your selvage edge (usually white with writing on it if you are using a cotton). If you are using a silk, you can just start at the bottom corner of your piece of silk.

Photo 2: Move your quilting ruler over to the left or right the number of inches you wish the width of your strip to be. For example, I moved the ruler over three inches so I could cut a three inch wide strip. Use your rotary cutter again along the side of the quilting ruler.

Voila! you have a strip with diagonal edges now!! The strip will be a bit stretchy which is a great benefit to cutting on the bias.


LuLu said...

Hello there! I wanted to let you know I linked up to you in a blog post, I made an apron and used one of the patterns I won from you for a flower, so I thought I'd add your link in my post!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this tip! I would have never known there was a way to cut and not get ragid edges.