Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Crushing on Amy Butler's Love Stash

I have a fabulous new stash of Amy Butler fabrics. The top two are Bali Gate Grass and Sandalwood Tangerine. These threads make for some serious happiness in my house! This fabric on the last row happens to be my favorite one- Paradise Garden Laminate Oilcloth Mint. I have been obsessed with it online but just got it in about two weeks ago. It is even more beautiful in person.
I have plans for a ruffled apron tutorial pdf epattern for little ones but my mind might be changing to make an apron for me, myself, and I since I love this fabric so much or possibly a pattern for moms and daughters. I really could use some fabulous aprons since I don't even own one and always end up so messy with crafts, painting, cooking, etc.. and I think this would be just the fabric to cheer me up enough to cook each night :).

I am so busy working on a million different projects right now. I just returned from a visit with my sister in Lewisville for the past four days! Ahhh complete creative bliss. We went from scrapooking to thrift shopping for leather goods for a new pattern I am working on to a photography session of my niece involving train tracks and an awesome vintage tufted velvet red chair to embellishing a very inpsiring sketchbook for our muses. Whew! Yes all that was just in the past four days with two happy little girls underfoot who had more fun with Miss Bella the kitty and their 16 year old cousin than they could handle. Thank goodness we got some r and r in the hottub each night.

Back at home and getting geared up for some dear couple friends to come visit over the weekend with their sweet little 4 year old boy, Cooper. We can't wait! Headed to Hamilton Pool one day for the first time and possibly the Austin Zoo if weather permits here in Texas.

If you are reading this, leave me a comment! I definitely don't hate comments! :)
PS I need some serious blog help. Anyone recommend someone who is great to work on blogs?


PaperFlora2 said...

these are beautiful...I can never get enough paper or fabric!


Anonymous said...

How I wish I could have been a doll carried around by your daughter or neice the last few days? It sounds like you and your sister have remarkable taste, what-with the photo session backdrop, shopping for crafts, project ideas, etc.?

I would love to see the Mama sized apron if you ever get around to it. I sent you an email on your etsy account, and now I'm obsessing over your blog. Promise I'm not a stalker. Just love everything you do!

Keep it up girl!