Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Juliette La Fleur Tutorial is here!!!!

Laurie and Carapace are the blog giveaway winners of the Starlet La Fleurn pattern giveaway! I will email these out to you today!
I have been working around the clock on a new tutorial- The Juliette La Fleur and after my sweet husband's final editing at midnight last night and me staying up until now 4:30, here in the heart of Texas, it is finished!
This flower does not require a sewing machine (hand sewed) and is great for wedding decor, flower girl hair accessories, and sooo much more! See listing for more ideas. Includes instructions on how to attach to a headband as well!

Now off to sleep!


Steven & Adrienne said...

OK, so those are adorable, when I come down to Texas in April, I want to see those close up. I will have to email you and let you know the dates we will be down there, so we can see you guys!!

12δΈ‰ said...
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