Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Grading Pants

Grading pants patterns from scratch is turning out to be more time consuming than I could have imagined. I am enjoying learning so much about Illustrator, working in metric, and revisiting fractions.

It will be worth it for sure to be able to share with all of you my favorite pants patterns. What is boutique sewing without great pants? I can't even imagine. Nothing is more boutique to me than some really fabulous ruffled pants with lots of possibilities!

The first boutique brand pants I fell in love with was when my daugther was born, Baby Nay. My sis picked up a precious little set while I was recovering in the hospital from the birth of my Ava at a boutique in College Station, The Blue Kangaroo. I just adore how she, Nay Khoubnazar, will add a woven to a soft knit pant to add some texture and all of her sets always have such attention to detail, but yet maintaining a pure simplicity. I just love all of their soft knits and vibrant colors, made especially with a baby in mind, requiring so little effort and handling of the baby for on and off.

I covet all things Baby Nay but my fave brands have grown.

Have you checked out Lemon Loves Lime? Oh wow! Talk about amazing designs really true to toddlers. You would have to have a 4 year old little girl to really appreciate Lemon Loves Lime's mermaid tees, ruffled shorts, and twirl dresses!

My purpose in creating my designs into patterns to bridge the gap between boutique designs and handmade boutique designs. That is my passion! Ever since that first Baby Nay outfit, I wanted to learn to make beautiful outfits that looked like they could be hanging on the shelf next to that Baby Nay outfit at your favorite shop. Even though sewing, you can save money (if you are careful not to overbuy fabric, threads, and notions), to me it is so much more. I truly enjoy sewing so much for my children and feel I am creating a story each time I stitch together a little twirl dress or skirt or ruffled pair of pants. I can pick up items from my children's infancy that I made and I just feel a rush of memories overwhelm me. I don't feel the same way about items I have purchased as much. Each little stitch has connected me to a little moment in their life, such as when my Ava would ONLY wear twirl dresses. No pinafores, no a-lines, just twirl. That was it. Yes and she was 2!

Happy sewing and stay tuned for more patterns! Pants will be up soon. I promise!

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