Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Ava and Addison!!!

Happy Birthday to my two little Snazzy Girls!

Where did my baby go? She is now FOUR!

And where did our tiny go? She is now ONE!

To all the mommies out there..

Cherish each moment and treat each day special!
I know I will soon be photographing AddyKate,1 in a salon chair instead of a highchair getting a total makeover as well!

Live without any regrets and go all out to create meaningful memories! I don't mean spend a ton of money! I mean take lots of photos of whatever it is you choose to do for their birthdays, get your children as involved as possible in planning their own birthday and making their cakes, invite only the most special guests and it will sure to be a day where "they" will be celebrated each year!

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Steven & Adrienne said...

Such cute photos of the girls, I can't believe how big they are getting. I love the outfits on all the kids on the blog, they are adorable. I always knew you would succeed with your awesome sewing ability...too bad some of it didn't rub of on me when we were growing up. :) Congrats on the catalog opportunity!