Monday, August 24, 2009

Lyla Rose Vintage Luxe Fascinator Headband Gold

Lyla Rose Vintage Luxe Fascinator Headband Shabby Chic ACTUAL HEADBAND NOT PATTERN Gold

I have literally had hundreds of requests for these headbands since I designed these a few months ago for Peekaboo Photography.

Lyla Rose Vintage Luxe Headband

Choose between the following sizes

0-3 month

3-12 month

12-24 months




This one is the same size as the one in the photo.
It is a gold color with french netting, silk flowers, lace, etc..
Many hours go into making one of these as well as only the highest quality of materials I can find.

luxe n. The condition of being elegantly sumptuous. Something luxurious; a luxury. [French, luxury, from Latin luxus .] luxe luxe. from

Photography courtesy of the ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS Kate Moss with Peekaboo Photography. If you are in Utah you should drive, fly, or crawl to her to schedule your family photos!

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Dawn said...

i love this .. beautiful your awesome .. i am currently learning the industry too for i got really curious .. when i try to make myself some flower hair clips .. thinking about making my own business ... do these things .. NO COPY It really can get to be your own imagination taking place... and by the way love the picture how did they get that baby to sit so cute...:-)