Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's the little things...

There are two things I truly love about my job... making custom orders and working with wonderful gals like the mommies behind the little ones that are now wearing these outfits!!! I just love creating something extra special and love the excitement of a new design! It is an adrenaline rush!
Can't you just picture those twin babies on their first birthay in those onesies???
Can you see the family portrait on the wall of Jaimie's house where her daughters are all matching in their summer ruffled pants sets?
Can you see Daddy's expression when ms. Stella is wearing those precious little ruffled shorts? Ahhh so cute!
What about the birthday girl who just turned three in that flower tee and polka dot pants pants? Can you see her pointing to the three, totally "getting" that she is now THREE!!!!
Now can you see why I enjoy designing and chatting with mommies that totally understand it is the precious LITTLE things in life that we will remember when our babies are all grown up and gone...
Ok so now teary eyed I better get busy working!!!

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Mollie said...

You have such amazing talent! The items you offer are so yummy, but they are even more adorable in 'real life' :o)