Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lyla Rose Vintage Luxe Fascinator Headband Turquoise

Lyla Rose Vintage Luxe Fascinator Headband Shabby Chic ACTUAL HEADBAND NOT PATTERN Turquoise

Kate Moss with Peekaboo Photography's

photograph above was featured in

Professional Photographer Magazine

July 2010.

Lyla Rose Vintage Luxe Headband

Choose between the following sizes

0-3 month

3-12 month

12-24 months




This one is the same size as the one in the photo.
It is a gold color with french netting, silk flowers, lace, etc..
Many hours go into making one of these as well as only the highest quality of materials I can find.

luxe n. The condition of being elegantly sumptuous. Something luxurious; a luxury. [French, luxury, from Latin luxus .] luxe luxe. from

The two photos of the older baby are the very talented and sweet JM Photography

The remaining gorgeous photos are from Kate Moss with Peekaboo Photography.

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Courtney said...

You are so welcome !!!!! Thanks for making Stella's birthday so amazing by making her adorable birthday outfit. She got a ton of compliments. You are the best Joy. thanks Courtney