Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chubby Cheeks and Rainboots..

I had the awesome opportunity to meet up with a very passionate family photographer in North Houston last night, Miss Shalonda of Chubby Cheek Photography. Shalonda was so very kind, SO PATIENT, and incredibly creative at keeping my children's attention and keeping it fun for everyone. I never even for a second felt she was irritated with my kids in the 100 plus degree Texas heat! I really could see her passion for capturing photos of my little ones in each shot she took. I cannot say enough fabulous things about her! If you are in Texas, wherever you may be, she is worth the drive for sure! Book your summer session now! She is really hard to book since she is so popular and was recently on the magazine cover of a Houston Family Magazine!
Be sure to check out her blog to see my kiddos, Ava and Addison on her most recent post!!

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Chubby Cheek Designs said...

joy i jsut saw this you are too sweet! i truly loved all 4 of yall and despite the heat and mosquitos had an amazing time. i am sad you moved right as we met but i have no doubt we wont lose track of eachother! thank you so much for your sweetness